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E. Elinor Chen, Ph.D.

Senior Research Project Professional

E joined the lab after receiving her doctoral degree in experimental solid-state physics from Lehigh University in 2002. At Lehigh, her research focused on the optical properties of defects and impurities in semiconductor materials, as well as on the structure and properties of hydrogen through spectroscopy and electron irradiation. Currently, E has helped to develop new analysis methods for post-processing fMRI experiments and the design, implementation, acquisition, and analysis of these experiments.


Selected Publications

J.A. Zhou, E Chen, and M. Stavola, Microscopic Properties of H2 in Si from the Dependence of the 3618.4 cm-1 Line on Temperature and Stress, Physica B 273-274, 200 (1999)

J.A. Zhou, E Chen, and M. Stavola, Reply to Hydrogen Molecules in Si, Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 4778 (2000)

M. Budde, G.L, E Chen, X.Zhang, N.H. Tolk, L.C. Feldman, E. Tarham, A. K. Ramdas, and M. Stavola, Lifetimes of Hydrogen and Deuterium Related Vibrational Modes in Silicon, Phys. Rev. Lett 87, 145501 (2001)

E E. Chen, M. Stavola, W.B. Fowler, and P. Walters, Key to Understanding Interstitial H2 in Si, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 105507 (2002)

E E. Chen, M. Stavola, and W.B. Fowler, Ortho and Para OH2 Complexes in Silicon, Phys. Rev. B 65, 245208 (2002)

E E. Chen, M. Stavola, W.B. Fowler, and J.A. Zhou, Rotation of Molecular Hydrogen in Si: Unambiguous Identification of Ortho-H2 and Para-D2, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 245503 (2002)