brain imagery

Laboratory meeting Papers

05/14/2010 Somatosensory function in speech perception.

05/07/2010 Spatiotemporal Analysis of event-related fMRI data using partial least squares.

04/30/2010 Separating respiratory-variation-related fluctuations from neuronal-activity-related fluctuations in fMRI.

04/16/2010 Co-localization of Stroop and Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution in Broca’s Area: Implications for the Neural Basis of Sentence Processing

04/09/2010 Anterior temporal lobe connectivity correlates with functional outcome after aphasic stroke.

03/19/2010 Proliferation in the human ipsilateral subventricular zone after ischemic stroke.

03/12/2010 Enhanced Brain Correlations during Rest Are Related to Memory for Recent Experiences.

02/19/2010 Changes in Resting State Effective Connectivity in the Motor Network Following Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Poststroke Paresis.

02/12/2010 Sequential Processing of Lexical, Grammatical, and Phonological Information within Broca’s Area.

02/05/2010 Complex Organization of Human Primary Motor Cortex: A High-Resolution fMRI Study

01/08/2010 Body-Specific Representations of Action Verbs: Neural Evidence From Right- and Left-Handers

12/18/2009 Cloud Computing

12/11/2009 Different roles of cytoarchitectonic BA 44 and BA 45 in phonological and semantic verbal fluency as revealed by dynamic causal modelling

12/04/2009 Learning from machines: Pattern recognition in functional neuroimaging.

11/06/2009 An anatomical signature for literacy

10/30/2009 Predicting human resting-state functional connectivity from structural connectivity

10/23/2009 Cognitive Control: Trying to disentangle attention processes from inhibition.

10/09/2009 Early decreases in alpha and gamma band power distinguish linguistic from visual information during spoken sentence comprehension

9/25/2009 Testing for the Dual-Route Cascade Reading Model in the Brain: An fMRI Effective Connectivity Account of an Efficient Reading Style

7/10/2009 A pediatric twin study of brain morphometry

6/05/2009 Cortical signatures of noun and verb production

5/15/2009 fMRI Evidence for Cortical Modification during Learning of Mandarin Lexical Tone

5/15/2009 A Cross-Linguistic fMRI Study of Perception of Intonation and Emotion in Chinese

5/08/2009 The more you hear, the more you know: Vowel perception in simultaneous bilingual and monolingual speakers of English and French

5/01/2009 Forward frontal fields: phylogeny and fundamental function

4/17/2009 Effects of TMS on Different Stages of Motor and Non- Motor Verb Processing in the Primary Motor Cortex

4/17/2009 Processing abstract language modulates motor system activity

4/03/2009 Speech Perception Does Not Rely on Motor Cortex

4/03/2009 The Motor Somatotopy of Speech Perception

3/13/2009 Functional MRI of Sentence Comprehension in Children with Dyslexia: Beyond Word Recognition

3/06/2009 Executed and Observed Movements Have Different Distributed Representations in Human aIPS

2/20/2009 Visual Activation and Audiovisual Interactions in the Auditory Cortex during Speech Perception: Intracranial Recordings in Humans